Demystifying Nana’s Minced Pie

Demystifying Nana’s Minced Pie We have entered the time of year of long evenings and with them, my daily routine has changed. Instead of heading out on a long walk after work, I… Continue reading

Waste not, want not: Carrot ginger soup

Another catered event means more crudité leftovers. You know, those platters of artfully cut raw veggies requested at practically every event. Well, I’ve got news for you: very few people actually eat them.… Continue reading

Quick fix: Veganizing pancake mix

Sunday always has me dreaming of waking up to fluffy pancakes. That are vegan. And made by somebody else. But since I married someone from a culture where eating sweet things for breakfast… Continue reading

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cake

Shorter days and chillier temperatures call for baked goods, preferably ones with autumnal flavors like pumpkin or cranberry. Here is one I made last fall, based on a recipe from Veronica’s Cornucopia. The… Continue reading

Roasted tomato soup – with a touch of Chile

With daytime temps reaching the high 90s, summer still lingers, but autumn is tiptoeing around, visiting in the morning and evening and announcing her arrival with a hint of chill in the 50-degree… Continue reading

Waste not, want not: Roasted broccoli stalks

I’ve been making a lot of broccoli quiche recently, and my stockpile of broccoli stalks has grown accordingly. Tonight it was time to face the music and deal with the parts of the… Continue reading

Vegan quiche

Because it’s Sunday and I feel like brunch. If you thought quiche was impossible without eggs, cheese, and milk, think again. This quiche achieves its creaminess with cashews and tofu, and its yumminess… Continue reading

It’s Greek to me: vegan feta

Another installment in the vegan cheese explorations: a simple “under 5 minutes” recipe that requires a bare minimum of ingredients. The result is a soft cheese that can approximate goat cheese, ricotta, or feta, depending… Continue reading

Our daily bread: flaxseed bread

We turn again to our Chilean guest chef, this time for his prize-winning flaxseed bread. Bread is an essential (and omnipresent) part of Chilean meals and culture. Chileans eat bread for breakfast, lunch, onces (tea… Continue reading

Waste not, want not: Chard stem mélange

We’re always being told about the wonders of leafy greens and how we should eat more of them, but so many recipes call for cutting out the main stem and discarding it. If… Continue reading

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